9 Tips to Buy a Perfect Skateboard

Are you looking for a new hobby? How about skateboarding? Learning this activity is a fun and thrilling experience. This sport requires your full attention and the best coordination of the body, hands, eyes, and feet. While there is already so much to learn, you cannot make it harder by undergoing the chaos of finding an ideal skateboard. 

buy the right skateboard

Choosing the right skateboard can be a little challenging. You can find different skateboards of various types, brands, colors, materials, etc. But which one is ideal for you? If you are a beginner and looking for some help then here is an article for your rescue. 

Check out this article for the top nine tips to buy a perfect skateboard. 

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Skateboarding is a recreational sport that is popular among youth. In this sport, a person rides a small board mounted on wheels and tires to balance while performing several tricks. 

Top Nine Tips to Buy a Perfect Skateboard

Different Types of Skateboards

  • Longboard

A longboard is a skateboard that is 33 inches or longer. It is ideal for moving around a downhill flat road. If you are a beginner look no further than this one as it provides great stability and maneuverability. You can also go fast and enjoy your smooth ride on rough roads with this one. 

  • Cruise

Cruisers are shorter skateboards and allow you to take tight turns and dodge obstacles. You can use this one as a transport city or street flat roads. But if you are a total beginner this one is not ideal for you. Additionally, if you are an expert then also it is not good for you. 

  • Mini-cruiser

These are similar to the above one but a mini version of them. You can use it as a mood of transport and carry your backpack. It can help you to enjoy smooth rights and take tight turns as well. And if you have just begun to try simple tricks and flips then this is the perfect go-to option for you. 

  • Carve 

Carve board skateboards with special front trucks that allow you to tilt the board effortlessly. It allows the rider to generate their own speed. 

  • Double-kick

The double-kicks skateboard has two kicks at the end of the board. It allows you to execute different flips and tricks smoothly. 

Perfect Size

Choosing the correct size of your skateboard can help you to balance well. You have to consider your feet size while purchasing a board size. If you are a beginner, you have to ensure a wider board that helps you to feel stable. But if you know how to do different flip tricks, then you should prefer a board on the narrower side.

Right Wheels

Wheels are an important part of a skateboard and you cannot move an inch without them. Therefore, you also have to consider it while choosing a perfect skateboard for you.

Smaller and lightweight wheels make it easier for you to perform tricks. But it provides you with better maneuverability. 

On the other hand, larger wheels can help you to generate speed and move on rough surfaces. 

Grip Is Important

Grip tape helps you to prevent slipping off your skateboard. It provides you a better grip to perform various flips or transport. You should go with a basic one rather than something fancy if you are a beginner.  


Trucks are the metallic part of the skateboard and hold the wheels together. They help in grinding and turning off the board. But you should always look for metal trucks, rather than plastic ones. 

Additionally, you have to choose the right width otherwise you won’t be able to move around smoothly. 

Graphics Really Does Not Matter

Fancy prints or graphics do not make any change to the quality of the skateboard. You can even go for a simple one or a stylish one that you find cool. 


You can find several types of skateboards built of different materials. Canadian maple bamboo and Baltic birch plywood are some popular types of woods. On the other hand, plastics are much cheaper but not sturdy or ideal for you. 

Avoid buying cheap and plastic skates’ food from supermarkets. They are not good for beginners or even experienced skateboarders.

Custom Skateboard

You can also find several people making their own custom skateboards. It might look cool for you as you can make a customized one according to your needs, but it is not an ideal solution for a complete beginner. Additionally, making your own skateboard is relatively more expensive than buying a complete skateboard. 

Type of Usage

You have to purchase different types of skateboards to pull off tricks in different locations. So, if you are a happy and tension-free person who merrily likes to ride through the road, a longboard, cruiser, dinghy, etc. is a perfect choice for you. 

If you are a little advanced learner and know how to perform several jumps, kicks, flicks, etc. then you should choose less flat-concave skateboards. 

Bonus Tip- Don’t Spend Too Much

If you are buying a skateboard for the first time, you should not spend too much on it. Why? Because you don’t know how stable you are and how quickly you can learn tricks. You will learn it through steps and then only you can find a perfect match for you.  

Final Words

On the final note, we can say that don’t freak out to buy a perfect match for you. If you are bigger you have to try out several options before finding the best one for you. And therefore, try to avoid spending a lot of money but again don’t compromise the quality and comfort. Moreover, don’t forget to invest in safety gear before starting your skateboarding journey. As they will protect you from injuries. 

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  1. Finding a perfect skateboard is challenging sometimes because you have to invest your hard-earned money and you can’t afford to buy a typical board. This article helps a lot in choosing the right skateboard for me.

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