7 Designer Tips To Pick The Perfect Colors For The Living Room

One of the most important decisions you need to make once you move into a new house is the interior paint colors. Only if it was that easy to choose them! The best way to choose the wall paint is to begin with the shades you love. Once you start with your favorite colors, you will be able to move away from the traditional color combinations for a specific decorating style. You can use your favorite color as the base color and create a scheme around it. The favorite color can be an inspiration for the color palette in your living room. Here are a few tips to help you pick the perfect colors.

living room

1. Look for inspiration

You can easily find inspiration through magazines, websites, and catalogs. They are a stable of decorating inspiration. You can have access to hundreds of pages of inspiration at your fingertips. Consider the type of style you want to adopt in the home and look for inspiration. There are several social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest that show different ways to use color in the home. Create a board of your favorite ideas to have everything in one place.

2. Try color theory 

It is not necessary to study color theory to find ideas for the living room. There is a tool called little color wheel and you can use it to generate color schemes with ease. By turning the wheel, it is possible to see how the colors relate to one other and learn the basics of the theory. A lot of designers use this trick to set the right color tone for homes. You may not paint the home with the exact colors you see in the wheel but you can choose the shades of the colors.

3. Pick Neutrals

By choosing neutral colors, you do not necessarily have to have a laid-back look. It is possible to level up the neutral color palette in creative ways and it is all about how the shades are used. Neutral colors create a subtle and sophisticated look for the living room. You can have a striped wall with your favorite neutral colors, blinds, and hanging yellow lights. It will add ample style to space while keeping it relaxed. You can also have a neutral wall color and a pastel ceiling to add a dash of color to the living room without losing the calming vibe. 

4. Pick colors from prints

The easiest way to finalize interior paint color is to start with a print fabric. You can pick a color from bedding, throw pillows, or table linens. There are several paint color inspirations and ideas for you to choose from. If you want to create an accent wall, you need to look for the bright colors in the print. If you are someone who likes a subtle space, you can choose a color from the little details of the print fabric. Carry the fabric swatch to the store so you can choose a shade closer to it.

5. Let nature be an inspiration 

A popular way to find inspiration for color schemes is to step outside. Bring the outside indoors and you will have the best colors for the living room. You can choose the laid-back blue or the foliage green to create a relaxing and restful space. It is important to sample the favorite paint colors at all times during the day and night to get a closer view of the possible choices. Do not go over the top with green because it might feel too dark in the long term.

6. Choose colors from artwork

A lot of designers choose colors from the artwork in the home. Artists can create their color schemes for pieces and they are experts in light and color. You can make the most of their work by picking colors from your favorite artwork. Simply choose colors that complement each other from the same artwork to create the right color scheme.

7. Pick a light or dark shade

There are times when a minor adjustment in the color will lead you to the right paint color. Do not give up the color choice too soon, you should consider a slightly lighter or a dark shade of the same color and give it a try. A lot of paint colors look different on a paint strip but you can ask for customization in the same by moving towards a lighter or darker shade. 

Keep these 7 tips in mind when choosing colors for the living room and always sample the color before committing to one. You are not going to change the colors time and again so take your time and do thorough research before picking a color. 

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