6 Benefits to Children Listening to Classical Music

6 Benefits to Children Listening to Classical Music 

We all know that music is powerful. Music sets the tone. Music has an effect on us. Think about it, if you go to a wedding, and the doors open for the bride to walk down the aisle, you do not expect to hear the Boot Scootin Boogy playing. If you go to a football game, as the players run out, you do not expect to hear the Titanic soundtrack playing. Why? Music sets the tone. Classical music sets a tone for your child as well. A tone that has many benefits. Here are six benefits to why you should encourage classical music with your little one!

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Creates a Calming Effect

First and foremost, classical music has a calming effect. Most obstetricians would recommend for a pregnant woman to listen to classical music even during her pregnancy for that very reason. When a baby is first born, playing classical style music, especially during naps, will help soothe and calm your little one!

Improve Listening Skills

Especially when a child listens to Ludwig Van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart at a young age, their concentration skills are increased according to studies performed by the Institute of Education, (IoE), University of London. They also found that children who listen to those specific musicians are more self-disciplined. 

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Musical teddy bears, like the Virtuoso Bear, play music from Beethoven and Mozart will allow your child to benefit from the music of Beethoven and Mozart.

Improve Brain Function

One of the most known benefits of listening to classical music is the increase of brain function. Classical music helps develop the genes that secrete dopamine and improves synaptic function. 

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Become a Fan of Classical Music 

Most everything we do in life is based on the habits we have formed throughout our life. The likes and dislikes begin to form at a young age because of the habits their parents form for them. Listening to classical music can become a desire for those who have always listened to it. So, start them young!

Improves Creativity

Classical music, in general, is very inspiring. Since the music improves brain functions, it also inspires new thoughts which helps one to become more creative!

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About Virtuoso Bear

The Virtuoso Bears come in a bear of both Beethoven and Mozart. Each of them is extremely soft and is a high quality stuffed animal. With 40 minutes FULL of beautiful music by each composer, your child will never get bored. There is plenty of music to keep their minds going all while creating that calming effect. 

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Inside the pocket where the music box is located, you will find a pull-out pocket that has a short autobiography of the composer. It is a great way for you as a parent to learn more about the composer but also allows your child to have something to read when they become of reading age! Hopefully sooner than later with the help of classical music!

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I love how the music is soft. Not too loud but not too quiet. It is perfect for background music while your child plays or naptime music. The bears are super snuggly, too! The Virtuoso Bears will become your child’s favorite sidekick!

Until 7/20, you can take advantage of receiving 20% off one bear on Amazon by adding the coupon code DU828DU9 at checkout!

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32 thoughts on “6 Benefits to Children Listening to Classical Music

  1. I love this idea. My grandchildren could really use this calming effect. My grandson is ADHD and it may help him settle down. These bears are so cute. Thank you so much for sharing this great idea.

  2. I never knew all the benefits to listening to classical music. I know my grand kids love listening to it.

  3. It is amazing that there are so many benefits for kids when they listen to classical music. How cute and clever to have the bear.

  4. I totally agree, there are so many benefits to children listening to classical music! I love this bear, how adorable and what a great way to listen!

  5. I am sending this to my niece. she can use these for calming and listening skills. 😉 improvement.

  6. This would be perfect for my daughter! I’d love to get her in to classical music! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I think this is awesome! I would love to get my granddaughter interested in classical music.

  8. These bears are so cute. They sound so soft and cuddly. I really agree with you about classical music for everyone. It is so relaxing and so easy to listen to. Thank you so much for sharing this. God Bless

  9. I truly believe in the power of Classical Music and Children. It sharpens the Brain and opens minds. And truly is great for expanding learning.

  10. This is such a cute idea! I love that they chose two great classical musicians!

  11. I am so grateful to my parents that they introduced me to classical music in my early years.

  12. I actually really love this. I was the mom that had headphones on my stomach when I was pregnant with both of my children, playing classical music. Also, my daughter has autism and she loves music, so I think she would love these bears!

  13. The bear reminds me of one that I had as a child, that’s why I love it.

  14. All kids need to listen to all kinds of music. Very good for their minds.

  15. Love that it creates a calming effect and improves listening skills.

  16. I like that it plays 40 minutes of relaxing, classical music! That would help our daughter fall asleep faster!

  17. I like that it plays for 40 minutes of music. Your child won’t get bored.

  18. I love this bear because it is so cool and my daughter would go crazy for a bear like this..

  19. I love that it plays classical music. The fact it improves brain function is awesome. Lots of wonderful benefits.

  20. my grandsons love music and they would really enjoy this,,they have listened to the masters before

  21. Oh wow this is so cool my kids love music so they would probably like this bear as well

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