5 Signs You Have a Bug Problem

bug problem
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Ants, spiders, and other creepy crawlers are known to take up residence in homes from time to time. This is perfectly normal, especially as the seasons change, and a little due diligence and routine home maintenance can usually get rid of them pretty easily. However, from time to time the problem isn’t always so simple, and you might not even be aware of how bad your bug problem is if these critters are doing a good job at concealing themselves. If you’re still unsure of whether you have a bug problem in your home, these five stages may reveal a serious bug infestation. If the stages mentioned below ring true with your situation, then it it vital to get in touch with a professional Pest Control Kingston company or your own local expert.


If you notice what appear to be small pebbles or piles of dirt in your home, you might actually be looking at bug droppings. Bug droppings can also appear as small dark spots on your walls. You may even start to notice droppings on your furniture and in your bedsheets, which commonly occurs with a bedbug infestation.

Bite Marks on Your Skin

You can usually tell when a bug has bitten you when you’re fully conscious, but you might not notice the bugs that are feasting on you when you’re asleep. These bites could look like puffy red lesions or rashes, and some of the bite marks may even bleed or leak pus. A doctor can let you know for sure if the marks that you’re seeing on your skin are from bug bites.

Strange Sounds

As tiny as most bugs are, certain types can sometimes make a lot of noise. Buzzing sounds could be coming from flies, wasps, or other winged pests that are flying around your home, and you might have trouble seeing these pests if they move fast. Light clicking or banging sounds that are coming from walls or other structures in your home may be the result of a termite infestation. If you hear strange sounds and want to know for sure if you have a pest problem, pest control experts can investigate the situation and offer you a solution if any bugs are found.

Other Critters in or Around Your Home

Bugs may attract other animals that feed on them. If you start to notice ladybugs in your home, you could have mites, white flies, or other pests that are a ladybug’s food source. Woodpeckers that show up and start to peck on your home’s exterior walls could mean that you have carpenter bees that are living in the wood.

Plant Damage

Your outdoor plants are susceptible to damage from bugs, but these critters can also harm your indoor plants. If leaves on your plants look as though they’ve been gnawed on, you should do everything that’s necessary to identify and eliminate the bugs that might be causing the damage.

If you don’t want to live with bugs, there’s a solution to getting rid of them. Experts who know how to get rid of bugs and other pests can be called to rid you of your bug problem so that you can reclaim your living space.

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