Get Your Child’s Room Organized

Organization Isn’t Just For Looks, It’s Also A Way To Teach!

I admit, I am a neat freak! My kids hate that I am always pushing for them to keep their rooms tidy. Oh, well… part of the joys of being a mom! I am big on organizing for more reasons than just having a clean home. I also know that keeping a child’s room organized helps a child in many ways. 

child's room organized

5 Reasons To Get Children Organized 

1. Less Stress

Probably the biggest reason for me as to why I like my kids organized is how much stress it takes off them. Sure, I know that the actual process can be overwhelming for a child at first but the end result is a tremendous stress reducer. Once your child has everything organized and learns the proper way to keep it organized, they will then be able to thoughtlessly find anything they are looking for. Not having to constantly search for belongings relieves a lot of stress AND saves time!

2. Responsibility

Giving your child the challenge to independently keep their room and belongings organized will allow them to become more responsible. Lack of responsibility often comes when children are not expected to do anything. It also comes from children who feel it’s a losing battle. If everything is organized, it gives a child more reason to do the cleaning! 

3. Learning to Read

I have found by using Chalkboard Labels, you can teach your children to read! Start with placing picture labels on your child’s dresser drawers or containers. Once they learn what each one is for, erase some of the pictures and add a word describing what is to be placed there. 

organized child's room

For example, my daughter has a container of Barbies. I drew a very basic picture of a barbie and then about a week later, I wiped it off and added the word “Barbie” with a similar picture. She now can recognize the word “Barbie”. Not that the word Barbie is an important word to know (although for a little girl it might be!) but when you start to label “pants” drawers, “pajama’s” drawers, etc. they will begin to learn those words too! 

4. Focus

Organizing helps your child to focus on the task at hand. There is a lot more thought that goes into putting items in the correct places versus just throwing everything into one big toy box.

We got rid of the big toy box and labeled a cubical full of baskets. Each basket contains a grouping of toys. I have found that my daughter plays MUCH more with her toys now that “like” toys are in a separate container. She has also done an EXCELLENT job keeping them organized.

5. Following Directions

Your child will begin to compartmentalize more which leads to being able to follow directions. Once your child has strong organization skills, they will then be able to easily identify steps needed to complete a more difficult task. It helps them think outside the box and execute a plan. 

Get rid of the toy boxes and get your children organized with some chalkboard labels! You will be so glad you did… and you yourself will reap the benefits of a much more organized home.

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