5 Major Reasons Every Homeowner Should Know About Blocked Drains

5 Major Reasons Every Homeowner Should Know About Blocked Drains

Blocked drains can lead to major issues if not sorted out in the initial stages. You need to consider seeking the help of qualified and experienced professionals when dealing with blocked drains as with their knowledge and experience they can offer long term solutions to this problem. Besides overflows and bad leaks, blocked drains can also lead to damage to the electrical installation system. Understanding the different causes of blocked drains can help you take the necessary precautions so that it can be avoided.

Blocked Drains

Reasons for Drain Blockage

There are multiple reasons why drains get blocked. Few of these are listed below.

Soap – Soap is used by all. You need to know that most of the soaps used these days are made of grease or fat. These two can be termed as ‘bitter enemies’ of drains. A hard residue is left in the drain pipes due to the mix of this fat in the soap and the minerals found in water. Regular cleaning of the pipes and switching to soap-free option can sort out this issue.

Hair – This is one of the most common reasons for the blockage found in drains. Most often this can be easily ‘removed’ but when the problem persists you need to call the professional. To avoid this problem, it is better to pull the hair off the drain by making use of gloves. It is important not to delay this or else this hair gets clogged in the entry of the drain pipe and it gets difficult to sort this out.

Food Waste – You need to make sure that no food waste goes down the drain. Setting a composite pile is better for getting rid of food waste. This is more so for coffee grounds and tea leaves which do not break down. For that matter, most of the food with grease or fat needs to be handled separately as this tends to solidify and cause blockages.

Blocked Drains
Toiletries – Baby wipes and nappies also get chucked in the toilets at the time. This is a major cause of blockages. These items tend to enlarge after absorbing moisture from the drain. If not in the normal bins, you need to dispose of these in designated bins. You need to take some trouble if you wish to avoid the problem.

Tree Roots – A tree root can grow in the smallest crack in the underground pipe. Routine drain maintenance is, therefore, a ‘must’ for all homes. Roots tend to thrive on the moisture available, and the growing of these roots are problematic for the drains.

Some Tips for Unblocking Drains

There are ways and means you can attend to this problem of blocked drains. These work well only in the initial stages. You need to be experienced professional if the blockage is stubborn.

Blocked Drains

  • Create a hook on one end of a hanger and push this past the drain cover. Fishing with this can pull out most of the nasty stuff responsible for creating the problem.
  • Mix 1/3 cup of vinegar with 1/3 cup of baking soda. Pour it down the drain as soon as it fizzes. This fizzing action tends to remove the grime, hair or gunk blocking the drain.
  • Pour boiling hot water in stages down the blocked drain. This is the easiest way to unclog blocked drains and works well if the blockage is not too severe.

Finally, you might need a thorough cleaning of the pipe which is best if left to the professionals. Professionals who are experienced and qualified can sort this problem out without wasting any time and do a foolproof job so that the drain does not get blocked often.

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10 thoughts on “5 Major Reasons Every Homeowner Should Know About Blocked Drains

  1. We have had blocked drains before. This is not fun at all. This is a great article with good suggestions. Thank you so much for sharing this information. God Bless

  2. Our drains have been blocked too. Sometime it has been hair, or someone pour grease into the drains which is definitely a no no. These were some great tips and suggestions. Some I have utilized already. Thanks for sharing this information. Great article.

  3. I find that if I make a huge pasta pot of boiling water and then add a LOT of white vinegar that I can unclog a drain with that. It’s amazing.

  4. Some great tips for unclogging the drains. I especially like using the hanger to get to the gunk.

  5. This is such an informative post, thanks for sharing! I have three littles and I have definitely experienced a clog toilet from baby wipes before (my husband didn’t realize they weren’t flushable)! Now that the younger too are done potty training, I make sure to buy the kind that are meant to flush so there are no mistakes. 🙂

  6. Never thought about making a hook and using a hanger but that is a good tip and one to remember.

  7. These are great tips! Once I dropped my engagement ring down the drain. Could not get it out with a hanger, so I took off the PVP pipe underneath.

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