5 Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms to Make Extra Money

Becoming a boss and balancing the family is an excellent achievement for moms. There are many ideas in the market for moms who want to start their own businesses. However, such can become challenging trying to figure out the perfect business that fits their schedule. In this blog, we are going to outline the top business ideas for stay at home moms who want to add extra cash to their pockets.

Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Freelancing writer

Working as a freelance writer can help you make some extra cash as a stay-at-home mom. By finding a niche that you are perfect in, you can do different gigs that include working for online businesses. In order to make your writing career grow, the first thing to do is open a website where you can showcase your skills to the world. The use of digital marketing or online marketing will help with branding the website to look more professional for clients. Freelancing allows you to earn money while also taking care of your kids at home.

Pet sitting

If you are an animal lover, take the chance to earn some money while staying home. Many people prefer to leave their pets with professional sitters to take care of them when away. Now, how will you make this business look legit and professional? The first thing is to open a home office where people can call and set dates and appointments for their pets. You can also add more ideas like grooming, walks, games, and general pet care, which will make the business grow to a higher level.


Since you are a staying-at-home mom, you probably get some free time that can be used to practice and perfect things like baking. If you are already good at it, it’s time to use your talent to earn money. Baking can be fun as a hobby and also a business idea when well invested. Start by finding customers like baking birthday cakes or pastries for breakfast. Don’t worry about transportation; shipping frozen food with gel ice packs can help preserve the pastries for those clients who are far.

Sell beauty products online

This is one of the best home business ideas for moms that love doing makeup. Cosmetics have become so common that any person can start their own brand or sell from any location to clients. You can begin by doing a few makeup tutorials and posting them online where people will be interested to know the products. Then market your business targeting women mostly since they are the targeted clients. When you start getting orders, work with the best shipping company or home deliveries that will get the products to your clients.


If you have any teaching background, consider opening your own for tutoring people or kids. This profession is good since you get to earn money working per hour. It is also convenient since you schedule your free time to tutor, therefore not interfering with your homework. If you are good in specific languages or subjects, such can be helpful for getting direct clients who want to perfect in that area. Make sure to make your portfolio a professional one, including your certificates as a teacher to get serious clients.


Make sure to improve the state of your home business by adding more ideas that will generate more money. Being a freelancer helps you to work according to your schedule, pet sitting lets you interact with animals, baking is a hobby, selling beauty products grows your marketing skills, and tutoring allows you to practice your profession.

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