3DLIGHTFX Minion Nightlight #Review

3DLIGHTFX – Minion Craze Continued!

My daughter is absolutely CRAZY over Minions. If it was up to her, she would watch Minions several times each day! We had gotten her the Stuart Minion Light a while back and have just added Bob the Minion to her collection!


My daughter has told EVERYONE about her Minion lights. If she hasn’t, ask her about bedtime and she will tell you all about her minion lights and her SGT Sleeptight

3DLIGHTFX has a wide variety of character lights as well as a selection of other lights such as butterfly and sports themed lights. They really do have a great selection to choose from. Is your child more of a Spiderman or Batman fan? They have multiple lights for each character!  


Easy To Hang

Each light comes with a sticker that is placed on the wall containing marks showing where to place the screws. No having to judge where to put the screws to hang the light correctly! 


The battery operated light is soft enough to give your child the added light he/she needs each night but not too bright that it keeps them awake. We are big fans of 3DLIGHTFX!



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