Giving Children a Chance to Experience Making 3D Art

3D Art Opportunities for Children

Technology has come a long way since I was a child. My dad was an engineer and could also fix or build anything he thought of. So, as a child, I witnessed a lot of his ideas come to fruition. I would sit on the floor in his workshop with some nails, wood and a hammer to create my own masterpieces. Looking back, I know that no one other than me would have had a clue what I had made (sometimes, I did not even know what I had made. haha). I just enjoyed getting to pretend like my dad. My dad now has a 3D printer and my children want to create masterpieces, too! Never in a million years, did I expect my children to have the opportunity to create 3D art out of plastic like they can with the 3Doodler… where I can actually TELL what they created!

3D Art

Dreaming of 3D Art

The 3Doodler pen brings out the creative juices in a child. For us, it was modeling clay… for my kids, it is a 3Doodler. Now that my dad has a 3D printer, my children are always asking to make this or that on his 3D printer. The printer is far too advanced for my children to truly take part in, other than reaping the benefits of the end product. The design work takes a lot of computer work that my kiddos can’t quite comprehend yet. The 3Doodler was a perfect way for them to still create in 3D but where THEY could be the ones to actually DO the creating.

 3D Art

3D Pen Perfect for Children

The 3Doodler is similar to a hot glue gun but the plastic is not too hot to touch when it comes out which makes it perfect for children. As you can see in the photo below, your child could touch the tip even as the plastic is coming out and it will not burn them. It is warm but not HOT.

3D Art

Just insert the plastic into the 3Doodler, tap your imagination, and you are all set to begin bringing your child’s creative thought into a new 3D creation.

3D Art

We love how you can click the button once and not have to sit and hold the button down to create. This gives you far more flexibility of how to maneuver the pen to create the exact design you wish. When you are done, simply click the button again and it stops the plastic from coming out.

3D Art

3D Art Kits

Aside from the 3Doodler pens, you can also purchase various kits.  One of the kits we received was the dessert kit. This particular kit includes two themed DoodleMolds, two packs of 3Doodler start plastic in eight different colors, a tracing sheet, and instructions on how to make ice creams, waffles, donuts and more, then dress them up with colorful Doodled toppings and decorations. The pen is sold separately. 

3D Art

Creating 3D Art Freehand

If your children want to get creative all on their own, you can purchase the color strips individually without purchasing a kit. This allows your child to use nothing but their imagination to create whatever they please. I would suggest starting with a kit so that your child can get their creative juices going and to see how exactly the 3Doodler works. 

3D Art

The 3Doodler Start is recommended for ages six and up. Not only is the 3Doodler a blast to use, but also extremely easy for even my five-year-old child to use. She had no problem making this donut all by herself! She can also be creative and draw with the 3Doodler freehand. She rocked it!! From animals to robots, buildings to airplanes, all within reach using the 3Doodler!

3D Art

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