2021 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift

Check out these great Mother’s Day gift ideas!

KeaBabies Explorer Diaper Bag Backpack

Adventure awaits! The Explorer Diaper Bag Backpack is perfect for any outing with your little one in tow! With a convenient feeding compartment in the front for easy access to bibs, bottles, sippy cups, and more, and a separate diapering compartment in the back that holds diapers, wipes, creams, and clothes… this backpack is thoughtfully designed. Comes with a large diaper changing mat and two stroller hooks to easily attach the backpack to your stroller. Available in a variety of unisex colors, including Classic Gray, Trendy Black, Burgundy, and Navy Blue.

Sweet Chaos Popcorn Has Bold New Flavors

Is mom or dad a popcorn lover? Delightfully disruptive and incredibly tasty, Sweet Chaos is now offering 7 bold popcorn flavors to tempt your taste buds! From sweet to savory, Sweet Chaos has a gluten-free choice for everyone to snack on and enjoy. Sweet Chaos hand pops their NON-GMO kernels in coconut oil for a creamy richness while skipping the nasty, artificial stuff. This is one snack that will add a little sweetness to the chaos! The exciting flavors include Honey Chipotle, Chaos Mix, Movie Theater Butter, Sea Salt, Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Kettle Corn, and White Cheddar.

Holic Foods

Holic Foods offers clean-label, bold-flavor, globally-inspired sauces, dips, and condiments that taste so good, they are naturally addictive. The sauces are extremely versatile! Each can be drizzled, dolloped, dipped, dressed, and spread. All of the delightful sauces are plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, keto-friendly, soy-free, and t0p 8 allergy-friendly. Both the Jalapenoholic and Tahiniholic are Vegan Certified. Three crave-able sauces are available, including Jalapenoholic, Tahiniholic, and Honey Aleppo Holic.

Black+Decker 3-in-1 Corded Stick + Handheld + Stair

Black+Decker’s ultra-lightweight Stick Vacuum with 3-in-1 versatility is perfect for quickly cleaning everyday messes on multiple surfaces. Tackle hardwood floors with agile swivel steering messes as they happen with the removable hand vacuum and conquer stairs with the handheld plus floor head. This powerful, efficient, and affordable vacuum is ideal for anyone and everyone including first-time homeowners, pet owners, college students, and as a second vacuum in the home for fast and convenient clean-up.

Mr. Tortilla

We all love an underdog story. Mr. Tortilla epitomizes what it means not to give up in the competitive food industry. Founders Anthony and Ronald Alcazar knew they had a product that was high-quality, authentic, and delicious. The challenge was getting it on the shelves. So they chose a different route – online sales – and the results have been outstanding. They are now the #1 best-selling tortilla on Amazon. Plus, they have accomplished this milestone by creating the world’s first 1 net carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla. Great for Keto diets, vegan taco lovers, and those wanting a guilt-free creation, Mr. Tortilla delivers on so many levels. Did you know that 20 once carb tacos are equal to one street taco in carbs?

Take a glimpse of the delicious offerings and find the one that suits your palate. A healthy, affordable tortilla awaits, all made fresh daily and fulfilled in San Fernando, California. Taco Tuesdays just became SO much better!

VOLOOM Endless Waver

VOLOOM endless waver will have her looking like she just walked out of the salon. Into loose waves, beachy waves, or more structured and styled? VOLOOM endless waver does it all in the healthiest, fastest, and easiest way. Unlike most curling irons where you never know what kind of wave you are going to get, The endless waver promises the gorgeous waves you have been waiting for.

eCreamery Ice Cream

mother's day gift

A gift from eCreamery Ice Cream is the sweetest way to say, Happy Mother’s Day! Mom will be in heaven with a dish of hand-churned, premium ice cream in one of our mouth-watering flavors. For an even sweeter treat, you can pair our amazing ice cream flavors with freshly-baked assorted gourmet cookies to make Mom’s day even more special. All our gifts include sweet greetings of love and thanks and since every Mom is unique, we offer a wide variety of Mother’s Day gift collections, all guaranteed to ensure that you remain “her favorite.”

Thesis Beauty Eye & Neck Vital Serum, Dry Skin Recovery Serum, Serum Unscented, Oily Skin Balancing Serum

Thesis Beauty uses all organic ingredients. There are not any synthetic chemicals used to make Thesis Beauty products. All products are not just natural but they work! Thesis strives to deliver products to their customers without any unnecessary plastics. Check out their serums made for all kinds of skin types. 

ZV Botanicals

ZV Botanicals is devoted to creating organically grown fusions of Ayurvedic herbs, full-spectrum Hemp extract, and signature essential oil blends, helping people heal pain through its natural remedies. ZV Botanicals offers organic, hand-crafted, small-batch signature massage oils, mouth pull oil, healing salve, therapeutic tinctures, and digestive bitters. They are devoted to creating organic wellness products with masterfully created, artisanal formulations of Ayurvedic herbs, cannabinoid-rich-Hemp CBD oil, and signature essential oil blends.

Baby Sonogram Frame

Love at first sight! Capture that feeling of overwhelming love in this unique Baby Sonogram Frame. The perfect gift and keepsake for new moms and dads can also be used as a gender reveal or pregnancy announcement. Fits a standard 4″ by 3″ ultrasound photo with 3 unique and beautifully designed cutouts. This would be a great Mother’s Day gift for an expecting mom. 

A Woman’s Garden: Grow Beautiful Plants and Make Useful Things

A Woman’s Garden, a book by Tanya Anderson, is full of inspiring ways to harness the power of plants to give you a sense of well-being, a deep connection with nature, and even improve your health. It guides you through over 35 inspiring projects, edibles, and creating art in your garden. You will learn how to grow dozens of plants and then use them in amazing ways. Things like dying wool with onion skins, making a facial mist from rose petals, an edible flower frittata and so much more! Gardens are more than just pretty flowers.

The Garage Collective

The Garage Collection is a lifestyle collective in Laguna Beach, CA. The shop is a curated mix of unique finds, local artisans, and global goods. From Home goods to jewelry and gifts they work on offering communities a place where they can always find something affordable and unique. Their mission is to help curate a home their consumers love!

Lorraine’s Gluten-Free

We all have a favorite pastry or dish. Now, kiss food sensitivities goodbye with Lorraine’s Gluten Free, the brand to help you create tasty treats and delicious meals. Lorraine’s is your one-stop for products, recipes, and videos for all things gluten-free. Recreate your favorite family recipe, gluten-free, without compromising taste or texture using the brand’s flour and dough mixes. Enjoy pastries, loaves, muffins, biscuits, and so much more. So roll up your sleeves and make something beautiful in the kitchen!

South of France Climbing Wild Rose Bar, Liquid Soap, and Hand Cream

South of France offers luxurious all-natural bar soaps, hand wash, sugar polish, and hand & body cream. It is kettle-cooked in small batches using a traditional Marseille triple-milled recipe using all-natural vegetable ingredients. Their amazing scents will tantalize your senses and the combination of natural Glycerin and organic Shea butter will leave your skin soft and deeply moisturized.

Tiny Plants

Longing to nurture your houseplant addiction without cramping your space or style? If you can’t squeeze another giant leafy friend onto your plant shelf, author Leslie Halleck is here to inform you that tiny is the new BIG! In Tiny Plants, you’ll discover a fascinating array of perfectly petite houseplants you can collect and grow—in a minimal amount of space.


Glamsockets is a decorative wall mount surge protector that has 3 outlets, dual USB charging ports, a phone holder, and an indicator light that can double as a night light. It’s stylish with a beautiful black and white floral vine pattern covering the front to make your outlet look like a piece of art. You can charge your phone, tablet, computer, camera, and other mobile devices all from the convenience of one extender. And it’s completely portable for when you’re on the go.


We are all ready to get outdoors and enjoy the spring season! That brings with it the need for both sun and rain protection. Canope has you covered, literally! Wear it, don’t hold it! Canope is the world’s first patented, hands-free, wind-resistant new weather protection device/umbrella. It is a 21st-century backpack style worn covering for all-weather protection; rain, wind, and sun all in one. It is impossible to invert with its smart aerodynamic design where wind flows over, through, and around. Genius! Let’s face it. We live in a technology-driven society where you need your hands-free so much of the time whether doing your favorite recreational activities like; walking the dog, hiking, taking photos/videos, or in the workplace using tablets, etc… It truly has never been a better moment to enjoy a hands-free weather protector.

The Complete Language of Flowers

The Complete Language of Flowers is a comprehensive encyclopedia providing the meanings, powers, facts, and folklore for over 1,001 flower species. You’ll learn the scientific and common names of the flowers, their characteristics, and their historic meanings and powers from mythology, medieval legends, folklore, and flower poetry. You will discover that a purple tulip represents eternal love, a daisy represents beauty and innocence and sunflower is a symbol of ambition, constancy, and devotion. This elegantly designed and beautifully illustrated encyclopedia offers references on a range of intriguing topics, such as birthday astrology, dream interpretation, techniques for harnessing the power of dreams, and the stories behind signs and symbols.

One by Wacom

One by Wacom is an easy-to-use digital pen to use with your PC, Mac, and most Chromebooks. It makes learning to draw and edit photos, collaborating in online classes, or completing academic assignments with natural handwriting super easy. This pressure-sensitive and battery-free pen bring a familiar, pen-on-paper feel to drawing and writing and it’s simple to set up and use. It’s a great way to take your creativity to a whole new level.

The Polished Jar

The Polished Jar is an interior decorator’s dream. Offering beautiful ceramic jars that complement the rooms in your home, you’ll love filling them up with your favorite soap, lotions, and cleaners for a modern boutique look! Browse the Signature Collection to get a feel of the gorgeous options available. All jars come with waterproof labels. Mix and match your bottle, pump, and label to create the right look for your room. Custom labels are also offered that make this a great holiday gift idea that caters to different lifestyles.

Pavlok 3

We all love to set new goals. We’re just not always good at sticking to them. Have you ever said, “I need to go to the gym. I need to lose 15 pounds,” and then you go once or twice, but never again? Well, imagine living in a world where we could set goals… and effortlessly achieve them. What would this mean? We’d finally fit into our high school jeans. We’d go to sleep on time and reduce our stress. We’d become more productive and focused. In short — we’d become the person we always knew we could be. This is no longer a fantasy. Now, it’s a reality. Meet Pavlok — the first device that helps you form good habits, break bad habits, and stick to your commitments, using vibration and sensory/neural stimulation to reward good habits, and stop unwanted cravings.

OK Boomer!

Ok Boomer! is an Old School vs. New School trivia game. Find out if you’re out of touch or if you can keep up with the latest trends. This hilarious party game will put age gaps to the test as it pits the different generations against each other. Divided into teams, the New School guesses trivia questions about the Old School and vice versa. From slang words to cartoon characters, you’ll find out which team knows the most about the other side. For 2-8 players, ages 18 and up.

Orbel – The world’s Premier Hand Sanitizer – Orbel and Go!

Orbel is a personal hand sanitizer that clips onto your clothing, so it’s always handy when you need it. It’s stronger than many sanitizing products on the market and effectively kills 99.999% of germs in 15 seconds. Orbel gel contains 72% alcohol, which well exceeds the 60% recommendations of the WHO. A gentle rub dispenses enough gel to clean both of your hands. It’s simple, convenient, and easy to keep with you.

The First-Time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers

The First-Time Gardener: Growing Plants and Flowers, a book by Sean and Allison McManus, is a must-have for anyone who is new to gardening. This easy-to-follow beginner gardening guide gives you tips for selecting the best plants and flowers for your growing conditions. You’ll also learn the best planting techniques for different types of plants, how to mulch trees, shrubs, and garden beds correctly, pruning dos and don’ts for common garden plants, and ways to keep weeds out of outdoor areas without using synthetic herbicides. This book will teach you how to recognize and manage different pests and diseases naturally and give you insider tips on everything from the difference between annuals and perennials to choosing the best organic fertilizer. Learn everything you need to know to start growing a beautiful, healthy garden.

GoSili Ocean Cup

The GoSili Ocean Collection is sustainable silicone drinkware that gives back to ocean conservation. Each piece features a unique, cool water pattern and is made from 100% platinum silicone.

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