10 Reading Benefits Grow Children Strong Mentally and Emotionally

10 Reading Benefits That Strengthen Children

There are many reading benefits your child will experience but not ALL of them are educational benefits. Reading out loud to your children plays far more of a role than just entertainment! Have you ever taken the time to think about what those benefits are?

Reading benefits

1. Stimulates Children’s Minds and Imagination

It has been said that a human cannot create an image in their head without once seeing it before. Everything we see and hear helps build our library of photographs in our mind. A child can take the faces, the stories, the objects they see and hear about and put them to another story. Reading books gives a child an ability to imagine and learn!

2. Gives Children a Better Understanding of the World

Life inside your child’s bubble isn’t the only life out there. As parents, we are to shelter our children from being exposed to the “bad things” but not everything away from their home should be hidden from them. By reading books, your child can learn about different cultures, different hobbies, different jobs, different foods than you may cook, and even different animals that may not live in your hometown. Explore the world and what it has to offer through books.

3. Gives them a Good Foundation of Learning to Listen

Listening is a forgotten character trait. Many people are more interested in being the center of attention, therefore, “listening” goes out the window. Reading books with your child is one of the best, non-confrontational ways to encourage your children to be a good listener! 

4. Helps Develop Language Skills

Age-appropriate books will broaden your child’s vocabulary. Since most children’s books have illustrations in them, it is easier for a child to grasp what the words really mean!

5. Provides a Positive Bonding Experience

A lot of parents, like myself, read to their children with the child either on their lap or sitting right beside them so they can see all the pretty pictures. The gift of time, especially when mixed with physical contact allows for an intimate time between a parent and a child. 

Reading benefits

6. Opens Communication on Life Topics

When a child is dealing with struggles, books can be a great conversation starter. 

7. Creates a Routine

Children may not act like it, but they need and want structure. Structure makes a child feel secure. If they know that every night before bed, they get a special time reading before bedtime prayers, hugs, kisses, and getting tucked in, it will help them feel more secure and more loved.

8. Calms Children Before Bed

Creating a positive mindset immediately before bed gives a child peace and happy thoughts to go to sleep with leaving less room for bad dreams. 

Reading benefits

9. Teaches Them Cause and Effect

Most every story has a cause and effect teaching moment within it. When your child makes a bad decision, the consequence of their decision is negative. Trying to explain cause and effect can be difficult for a child to grasp but when you can compare it to a storyline, a child will better understand how the decision caused a reaction.

10. Begins and Masters Letter Recognition and Phonics

A lot of parents think their child will only look at the photos. Wrong. Their little minds are hungry for learning at the young stages of life. Children soak in a lot by observation. Learning their letters, numbers, and even beginning to recognize certain words will happen if you are reading to your child daily… especially if you are pointing them out as you read. I try making a habit to move my finger below the words as I read so that my daughter can put the word with the sound together in her head. 

Reading benefits

There are a BUNCH of children’s books out there. Here are a few fun books that we are enjoying!

Broadway Baby The Sound of Music – My Favorite Things

Written by Walter Foster Jr. based off the song by Rodgers & Hammerstein

Words to the song “My Favorite Things” broke down onto different pages throughout the book with illustrations to match each of the “favorite things” gives you a chance to get to know your child more. Ask them what some of their favorite things are. This board book is great for little ones to stretch their vocabulary, as well. 

Reading benefits

Broadway Baby The Sound of Music – Do Re Mi

Written by Walter Foster Jr. based off the song by Rodgers & Hammerstein

I have a hard time reading this book without exaggerating the words into a song. To this day, I still LOVE this song from my childhood. Children can read, sing, and learn about musical notes. 

Reading benefits

ABC Color 

Written by Walter Foster Jr.

Learning colors is something all children take pride in but this book will push your child to learn some of the advance color names. They won’t even realize their advanced learning but will take great pride once they have mastered these color names. Color names such as mauve, lavender, scarlet, turquoise, and fuchsia are among the many color names included in the book. A color for each letter of the alphabet is represented so they are learning the letters of the alphabet, as well!

Reading benefits

GOA kids Goats of Anarchy – Polly and Her Duck Costume

Written by Leanne Lauricella

Sometimes helping a child understand the hard things in life can be a difficult task for us as parents. For me personally, helping children adapt to their new home when they come into foster care is something I strive to succeed at. This is one of those resources that I am thankful I have found to be able to share with children as they come into our home, scared and feeling out of place. 

Reading benefits

Polly, the goat, finds herself in a home full of ducks. It is a story of finding love, acceptance, a family, confidence, and real friendship. Great book for any child struggling with the need to feel accepted but especially for foster and adopted children!

I Love a Book 

Written by Joe Rhatigan

This is a great book to excite your child about reading. It encourages children to know that reading is FUN! The colorful illustrations will keep your little ones gazing at the pages, anticipating the next page.

Give the gift of reading to your child today and check out these books and more from Quarto Knows!

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16 thoughts on “10 Reading Benefits Grow Children Strong Mentally and Emotionally

  1. I agree that it is important. Especially learning to listen, then the cause and effect. I really think children need both of these under their belts so-to-say before they even attend school outside the home. I know teachers appreciate it when children can listen all the way through without disrupting the class on a certain subject. Then if children know cause and effect they won’t be surprised if something doesn’t go their way because they weren’t behaving properly in class.

  2. I watch my grandchildren on a regular basis and reading has been part of the routine from the beginning. I can’t imagine not having our reading times and books.

  3. I think reading to kids from the beginning will start an open door for them to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives. It can take them places they never imagined and let them learn about fiction and all the other mysteries they can find in a book.

  4. I think its so important for all parents to know that reading is so so important, even if you only have ten minutes, read to your child.

  5. I am a huge bookwork and have been ever since I was a kid, I give thanks to my dad for that! Now that I have three littles of my own, I definitely want to have as much reading time as possible with them!

  6. My 5 year old granddaughter has gone through a lot lately. Divorce and some very, very inappropriate behavior by the babysitter’s husband. She is starting counseling this week. Books help her relax and forget for a moment what she has been through.

  7. I have grandchildren that definitely would like the amazing GOA kids Goats of Anarchy all of the time.

  8. For fun play and learning Broadway Baby The Sound of Music would be just wonderful for all of my grandchildren.

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