Active Toddler Free Play With Tomy Toys

Toddler Free Play Helps Children Think Outside the Box

Every mom loves their children to have toys that keep them occupied. As much as I love my children, I need a break occasionally. Anyone else out there that feels this way? Finding the right toys that will keep them entertained, increase imagination, and allow independent play time can be difficult at times. If your children are anything like mine, they seem to get a new toy and within a week or maybe even just a couple days, those toys are “no fun” anymore. That is why I love toys that have an open-ended free play! The story is never the same leaving the toy interesting and used over and over again without boredom. Let me tell you about two specific Tomy Toys that I am sure your toddler will LOVE!

toddler free play

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Toddler Meal Time – Let Them Get Messy

Toddler Meal Time – Getting Messy is Part of the Learning Process

Remaining Encouraging During Toddler Meal Time

From a bottle to a sippy cup can be a hard transition for kids. The transition from sippy cup to a real cup can be difficult for both child AND parent mostly because of the inconvenience and the MESS!! Same goes with transitioning from parent fed to toddler fed. Messes are bound to happen, regularly at that! You HAVE to take on the challenge of a possibly messy toddler meal time.

Toddler Meal Time

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Toddlers Helping Bake this Holiday Season

Toddlers Helping Bake While Keeping Safe

Baking with my kids is one of those love-hate types of things. I love teaching them how to cook and bake but it can get messy and dangerous. My daughter can be a tad on the clumsy side mostly because she gets so involved in what she is doing that she doesn’t even notice her surroundings. In the kitchen… that can be extremely dangerous. I know she will eventually grow out of it as she matures, just like my boys did but for now, we have decided to take full advantage of a new product called True Tot Tower by True Growth.

Toddlers Helping Bake

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Lighten Your Load – Freeloader Toddler Carrier

The Freeloader Toddler Carrier 

Keeping up with a toddler can be a struggle but have you ever thought about how much of a struggle it is for them to keep up with YOU? The Freeloader Toddler Carrier is a great addition for any active family with toddlers.
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Portable Comfort for Baby and Parents With Squishy Mat

Squishy Mat Offers Comfort Wherever You Go

Getting down on the floor, for most adults, can be uncomfortable but so beneficial when you have little ones! Now, parents can get down with their little ones and still be comfortable with a Squishy Mat.

Squishy Mat

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