Finding the Perfect Pillow Prevents Headaches

Perfect Pillows are Hard to Find

Is there such a thing as a perfect pillow? Let me just say, I have bought pillow after pillow. Why so many pillows? Well, one is because my kids decide they like my pillow and it winds up on their bed before long and two because I can never find a pillow that holds it’s shape. They all flatten quickly leaving me tossing and turning all night long with a morning headache as my wake-up call. Let me tell you about my new BFF… the Snuggle-Pedic Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow! 

memory foam pillow

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Jamnatura – Beauty Made Simple With Natural Healing Products #Review

Jamnatura Natural Beauty Products – Inexpensive Yet Exceptional Quality

When you think of natural beauty products, dollar signs probably run through your head. Why is it that it always seems as though when you try to take the “healthy alternative” route, the cost in product always jumps making it hard for the average person to eat healthy and take care of their body without harmful chemicals? Jamnatura has natural beauty products for a very affordable price!

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Be Smart in Your Detox – Do Your Homework

Detoxes and cleanses are a popular trend. Perhaps you’ve even considered trying one. Before beginning any type of detox, do your due diligence and find the best detox for you. As you do your homework, keep in mind what your health goals are and what you want out of your detox.

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Why I’m Going to #LightItUpBlue for Understanding and Acceptance of Autism

How Much Do You Know About People With Autism

With several cousins of mine who are living with autism, I find it very important to raise awareness. I wanted to make sure I was a part of #LightItUpBlue in honor of my cousins and even some friends living with autism.

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