Ja-Vie Shoes Support Your Feet With Fashion #Review

Ja-Vie Shoes Comfort You Can Feel Without Sacrificing Style

I am totally dating myself by talking about this, but who remembers jelly shoes?! I used to LOVE those things! They were so much fun. Well, I guess I HAVE to be a little more grown up acting AND looking… SO, get this, now I have an upgraded, ADULT version of jelly shoes! Ja-Vie Shoes are comfortable, stylish and the outsides are just like jelly shoes! 

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Handmade Gifts Are Always Extra Special #Review

The Most Precious Gifts Are Handmade Ones That Took Time and Labor

When I got married, my grandmother made my husband and I a beautiful, white afghan. The fact that SHE made it made it extra special to me. I have always been super protective of that blanket. We use it about every day… and we just celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary. Handmade blankets just have something special about them (and seem to last longer than other blankets).

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Child & Tween Car Seat Belt Safety #KidsBuckleUp

My children are the most important thing in my life. Seat belt safety has ALWAYS been and will ALWAYS BE one of the most important focuses my husband and I have. My children are just too precious to me for them NOT to be kept as safe as I can possibly keep them!

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Stop Being the Defeated Housewife

Feeling Like a Defeated Housewife?

When you think of the word housewife or stay at home mom, what comes to mind? I think of raising children, keeping a clean house, and cooking. There are a million other things that also come to mind but those are the three that seem to categorize all the other thoughts that pop in my head.

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Brio Toys Pack #Giveaway US Only Ends 4/19

BRIO Giveaway
April 11-19, 2017
Open to USA

I love Brio Toys! They offer such high-quality products that kids really love! Add some fresh new toys to your child’s playroom this spring.

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

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Learning To Be Still When Everything is CRAZY Around You

Being Still is NOT My Personality

For those who don’t know me, I am one of those who usually has a daily list longer than time would allow within 24 hours. I stay up at all hours of the night to finish my list. If I don’t have something to get done, I make up stuff that I FEEL NEEDS to be done. 

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Family Movie – The Resurrection of Gavin Stone Movie #GavinStoneMovie

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone – Appropriate for the Entire Family

Released on Digital HD April 11th, 2017 – On Blu-Ray and DVD on May 2, 2017

From Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

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#WIN A Tangled #Giveaway US ONLY Ends 4/18 #HeartThis

TANGLED Giveaway
April 10-18, 2017
Open to USA

Little girls absolutely LOVE the movie Tangled! Give them a chance to dress up like Rapunzel in her wig and jewelry. They can also play with the Rapunzel doll while watching the movie on DVD! 

Bringing You Moments To Celebrate

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Primal Essence Coconut Oil & Super Tea Prize Pack #Giveaway Ends 4/17

primal Essence

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FANDANGO $50 Gift Card #Giveaway


Kristin from It’s Free at Last and Pam from Mom Does Reviews are celebrating some HUGE Twitter Milestones!

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