Learn From the Best at Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp

Soccer, Fun, and Learning at Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp

We have just ended a week of British Soccer Camp through Challenger Sports. Needless to say, I am sad it is over. My son had such an incredible time while learning so much this week. I really enjoyed watching him and the coaches interact!

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Generations Have Enjoyed Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC

Mountains of Fun at Tweetsie Railroad

Go back to the day when cowboys, Indians, and bandits were in action as you aboard the train at Tweetsie Railroad in the beautiful Blowing Rock, NC. Ride the rides, watch the shows, shop, eat, and feed the animals all day long while enjoying the scenic views at Tweetsie.

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Anti-Microbial Sneeve Kills 99% of Viruses and Bacteria On Contact



I am one of those parents who nag my children to cough or sneeze in their elbow. It is kind of gross but beats the alternative to using their hand. The hand touches hundreds of surfaces and makes viruses more likely to spread.


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Total Language Plus Literature Based Homeschool Curriculum #Review



written by April Stephens

Total Language Plus is a homeschool curriculum, featuring literature-based unit lessons designed for Grades 3-12. Total Language Plus combine spelling, grammar, literature, and vocabulary into just one single curriculum. Total Language Plus is a program that is Christian-based in nature, but not all of the books in the program have a Christian theme. The fascinating aspect of this program is that whatever book my child is reading, the entire unit study is based on that novel, including artwork, projects, writing lessons and activities.



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Lil’O’Blossom Leaves Child’s Skin Soft and Smelling Incredible #Review

Happy Babies = Happy Mommies With Lil’O’Blossoms

Aside from a happy baby, a clean baby is the very next thing everyone notices. The character and cleanliness of your children is often what you as a mother are “judged” for. However, we all know that keeping your baby smelling fresh can be a difficult chore when spit-up and stinky diapers are a regular occurrence. Lil’O’Blossoms products leave your child clean and smelling fresh and clean long after bath time!

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