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Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

 Nibbly Bits Gives Relief for Teething Babies and Toddlers 

Do children ever stop teething? YES, at some point they do! But, when you have little ones, who are teething, it can seem like a never-ending thing. While they are babies, there’s a BUNCH of teething toy options to choose from. Although, once they hit the toddler stage and are walking around with a baby teether…. it looks a bit strange. It is then that you realize that the huge selection you used to choose from are not “toddler” friendly looking teethers. That’s why I’m so glad to tell you about Nibbly Bits for Teething Children!

Cute Chompers Provides Relief for Teething Children

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Standing Out With Exceptional Customer Service

 Customer Service – Setting Yourself Apart in an Ever-Crowded Business Atmosphere

We are not shopping in our grandmother’s world anymore. Sure, 40 years ago many purchases were made as much on who you knew or simply what was available in your area as it was the price of the item itself. It’s just not that way anymore. In a moments notice with a quick search online from our computer or even our ever-present phones, we can see prices from not only our local area but even across the country and around the world!

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10 Make Ahead Christmas Side Dish Recipes

side dish recipes 10 Make Ahead Christmas Side Dish Recipes

We all know there is a WHOLE lot of cooking happening on Christmas morning. Who REALLY wants to be stuck in the kitchen all day? I love cooking and baking but I sure do NOT want to miss out on time around the tree with my kiddos. Enjoy these 10 recipes that you can make ahead to save time in the kitchen on Christmas Day!
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Maple Glazed Sage Turkey and Stuffing Recipe

Maple Glazed Sage Turkey and Stuffing

Every year, I make the same delicious turkey. Some people like to mix up their turkey recipes from year to year but this one has been such a hit that there is no changing out recipes or I may be sleeping in the dog house. Everyone who has ever had my turkey has asked for my recipe. So, here goes nothing…

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Overcoming Bath Time Fears, Encouraging Speech With Tomy Toys

Bath Time Fun and Talking Toys by Tomy Toys Helps Little Ones Overcome Bath Time Fears and Encourages Speech

Sometimes our little guys need a little encouragement in two areas. Learning to talk and get over their fears of the bath. Tomy Toys’ Foam Cone Factory gets your children excited about bath time. Repeat Petey by Tomy Toys will do a mighty fine job at getting your little one talking in no time. 

Bath time fears

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